Helicotrema 2013

Helicotrema: On Blast-Off and upcoming concert. Petri Kuljuntausta Interview




Can you talk about the genesis of the new work you will present during Helicotrema?
Blast-off is a kind of abstract travel diary. It is based on the airport recordings that I have recorded at my travels. Occasionally the environmental sounds are recognizable in this work, but usually the sound material is so transformed and alienated that it is not possible to hear the origin of the sound source. I have manipulated the recordings with a granular synthesis softwares. To me it is important that I use environmental sources in my work, as these give me that kind of sonic textures that I am interested in.
When presenting your pieces, what is the listening situation you prefer?
Concert, radio, internet, mobile phone… all are possible situations to me. Especially that kind of concerts are interesting where the surrounding environmental sounds melt together with my work.
How did it all begin? When did you start working with sound, and who were your references?
I have a long history as a musician and composer. 1980s and after Jimi Hendrix, Mahavishnu Orchestra and jazz, I started to look to the direction of Pierre Schaeffer, R. Murray Schafer, Francois-Bernard Mache, and avant-garde music. It was not until 1990′s when I turned to environmental sounds and focused entirely on electronic music and sound art.