Burbot’s Song (video)

Burbot’s Song



The work contains real underwater singing by burbot fish.


The elements of the installation are:

Sound 1, subwoofer, floor
30sec long burbot sound recording that I divided to parts. Every time when the recording started, it started from the beginning and was slightly longer than the previous one. Finally was heard the full-lenght 30sec recording. It was heard once in every 3 minutes. This sound was heard through a subwoofer.

Sound 2, sound shower, ceiling
In the ceiling was connected so called sound shower speaker that distributed directive sound to very narrow are of the room. People heard the sound only if they were exactly under the speaker. The underwater soundscapes that I played through this speaker were recorded at Baltic Sea. I got the raw sound recordings from Finnish Environmental Institute Syke. The organization is doing a research on the condition of the sea and they have many underwater recording spots around the Baltic Sea. Computer-controlled hydrophones capture the sounds regularly, through the year. I selected the sounds for my work. I have actually made several pieces and installations from these sounds, and the collaboration continues.
The underwater video was played through the video monitor, that was placed in the corner of the room. Over the monitor was white net.

In the space there was several white nets, hanging above the visitors.