Sound Box 2.0

Sound Box 2.0


Petri Kuljuntausta curated online sound exhibition for Kiasma Contemporary Art Museum in 1999. The online exhibition contained 40 works from international artist and composers.

Programmer Aki Kivelä programmed the interface based on Teuvo Kohonen’s SOM mapping theory. The mapping was constructed based on Petri’s analysis of the inner elements of the sound works. The categories were:

* electronic sound (synthetic, computer generated)
* human voice (speech, singing)
* intrumental / musical sound (or synthetic modelling of acoustic sound)
* nature sound, concrete sound
* urban sound

From the SOM map the user can select the artists and composers, or listen to the works according to their sound elements.


The works of Sound Box 2.0:
1     Mathew Adkins     Mapping
2     Marc Ainger     Shatter
3     Pierre-André Arcand & Jocelyn Robert & Martin Meilleur & Christof Migone & Diane Landry & Chantal Dumas & David Michaud     La Semaine Avatarienne
4     Christian Banasik     …Letzte Gebärde Offener Münder
5     Steve Bradley     Wire Music
6     Kristine Burns     Garlands: Somewhere…
7     Warren Burt     La Strega Bianca Della Luna II
8     Lelio Camilleri     Bossa No Chance
9     Guto Caminhoto     Paisagens Londrinenses 1
10   Crawling With Tarts     End Loop Haiku
11   Yves Daoust     Impromptu
12   Francis Dhomont     En Cuerdas
13   Paul Dibley     Thalis
14   Douglas Doherty     Pacific 462
15   Kui Dong     Flying Apples
16   Frank Ekeberg     Ebb
17   Fon     Sciatic
18   Howard J. Fredrics*     The Raven’s Kiss
19   Diego Garro     Peacekeepers
20   Thomas Gerwin     Kurzgeschichten
21   Joseph Hyde     Vox Mecanix
22   Keiichi Kitahara     Condensed Cloth
23   Claire Laronde     Nouvelle
24   Elaine Lillios     Arturo
25   Doug Michael     Extensions #2
26   Dennis Miller     Vantage Point
27   Ed Osborn     Language Master (Early Years)
28   Alistair Riddell     Steam Land
29   Riccardo Santoboni     Rituals
30   Claude Schryer     Entre Ici Et Là: Croyance
31   Jarmo Sermilä     But I Didn’t Know It Was Spring
32   Rodrigo Sigal     Babel
33   Johannes S. Sistermanns     Auf Blau Zugehen: Berlin, Raumgehen
34   Pete Stollery     Onset/Offset
35   Benjamin Thigpen     Step, Under
36   Jacques Tremblay     Hérésie Ou LesBas-Reliefs Du Dogme
37   Hans Tutschku     Extrémités Lointaines
38   Mario Verandi     Figuras Flamencas
39   Dajuin Yao     Garden Of Memories
40   Sean Paul Zitello & Peter Valsamis     The Boil & The Poultry Chef’s Desire